Project Details

The City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works sought to improve drainage on Rosslyn Avenue from 56th Street to Kessler Boulevard. Historically, this corridor consistently flooded due to lack of adequate stormwater infrastructure. To remedy this issue, a new storm sewer system was installed that utilized traditional stormwater structures along 58th Street, and a PaveDrain™ system on both sides of Rosslyn Avenue.

While the primary need for this project was focused on drainage, there were other transportation improvements that were also included. The pavement on 58th Street and Rosslyn Avenue was in poor condition, likely due in large part to poor drainage that led to ponding water over the years. Both of these streets were resurfaced. Additionally, residents benefited from new driveway approaches and existing off-street parking pads were replaced.

Shrewsberry provided inspection services for all elements of this project.

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