Project Details

Shrewsberry worked as the prime consultant to the Indianapolis Airport Authority on the Phase IV expansion of the existing cargo apron project, which expanded the existing cargo apron to add four additional wide-body gates (MD-11s), including areas for snow melt pavement and deicing equipment pavement. The project added approximately eight (8) acres of new concrete pavement to the already expansive cargo apron.

Preliminary and final design services, were provided by Shrewsberry and included extensive earthwork, pavement design, storm sewer design, gate layout, apron lighting, nose tethers, taxiway edge lighting, hydrant fueling design, underdrain layout and erosion control planning and detailing. Bidding phase services, construction administration and inspection during the construction phase of this project, as well as all permitting services required for FAA (7460s), Homeland Security (underground hydrant fueling system), City of Indianapolis (Drainage and Improvement Location Permits), and IDNR (Rule 5 NOI) were completed by Shrewsberry.