Project Details

Shrewsberry provided site layout and grading services for the Poplar Point Pumping Station Replacement project replaced the existing 45 MGD Poplar Point Pump Station, which has been in service since 1915. The scope of work also included the design of the new pump station, which is located several hundred feet from the existing station and has a firm capacity of 50 MGD, design of two odor control systems and routing all utilities to the and proposed pump station and rerouting all utilities in conflict with the proposed pumping station.

As part of this project, the Anacostia Main Interceptor (AMI) Diversion Chamber and 54” AMI Connection Sewer were designed to divert flow to the new pump station to direct flow to the new pump station. An overflow structure was designed to direct flow in excess of 50 MGD from the Poplar Point pump station to the proposed Anacostia River Tunnel /Blue Plains Tunnel via a nearby tunnel shaft location.  Additional project elements include odor control systems for both the pump station and the AMI Diversion Chamber and a new 15” gravity sewer to serve the Barry Farm neighborhood.

The site design included “green” elements including pervious pavement, a rain garden, retaining stormwater onsite for use onsite, maximizing open space, and native plant landscaping. Shrewsberry’s design met LEED requirements.