Project Details

The last phase of the Taxiway “A” expansion project at Indianapolis International Airport consisted of an ~ 1,800-foot extension of the north end of the west parallel taxiway for Runway 17R-35L, making Taxiway “A” 10,000 feet (almost 2 miles long) and 100 feet wide (as wide as a 10-story building is high).  The project also included the relocation of a portion of the west security road, to allow room for the Taxiway “A” safety area grading requirements.

The airfield electrical items designed by Shrewsberry include the taxiway edge lights, taxiway centerline light base cans (for future installation of lights), runway guard lights, and guidance signs.  Shrewsberry also examined as-built documents for the existing systems, including the FAA-owned glide slope facility for Runway 17R and the localizer for Runway 29, and designed the layout of taxiway edge lights, guidance signs, runway guard lights, and taxiway centerline light base cans and electrical circuits. Specifications and electrical plans and details were developed by Shrewsberry’s aviation engineers.

Shrewsberry also designed electrical items associated with an existing AOA gate relocation and provided construction administration services such as submittal review and answering requests for information.