Septic Tank Elimination Project
Design Build Package

Indianapolis, IN

Septic systems have a limited useful life and eventually fail, polluting the soils, groundwater, streams, and increasing E. coli concentrations in the natural environment. As part of Citizens Energy Group’s Long Term Control Plan Agreed Order, a minimum of 800 homes currently on septic systems were required to be connected to the piped sanitary sewer system.

Shrewsberry partnered with Miller Pipeline to perform the design engineering, permitting and construction administration services for the project, located in Washington Township, on the east side of Indianapolis. The project area includes approximately 920 properties in 10 neighborhoods and will include a span of over 67,000 linear feet of low pressure sewer to serve the effected neighborhoods. Work on this project occurred within floodplains, floodways, and stream crossings.

This project is the first septic tank elimination project for Citizens Energy Group that will be completed as a design-build project.