Project Details

The Federal Highway Administration requires agencies to track and maintain their traffic control signs according to current standards for retroreflectivity.  In order to comply with the mandate, the Town of Brownsburg contracted Shrewsberry to conduct a sign inventory of all existing traffic control signage, oversee the inventory and prepare contract documents for the replacement of signs to meet current standards.

Mobile LiDAR was used to inventory the existing 4,400 signs within the study area, consisting of the entire town, approximately 163 centerline miles. A supplemental data collection effort included elements that mobile LiDAR are not capable of collecting, such as sign condition, support condition, date installed, and sign sheeting type. Each sign was reviewed for compliance with MUTCD standards and a pass/fail designation was added to the sign inventory database.

The sign inventory also included a review for logical omissions and were reviewed against LPA stop control and parking ordinances for discrepancies. GIS exhibits were prepared and a report was provided to the town that detailed locations where the posted signs did not agree with prevailing ordinances. Regulatory and warning signs are eligible for replacement with federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funds and those signs that did not comply with current standards were identified and slated for replacement.

Shrewsberry prepared the construction plans with maps of sign locations and tables listing replacement status, sizes, materials and installation notes, and submitted according to INDOT’s process.