Project Details

As the City of Franklin’s attraction and resulting population continues to increase, it’s downtown area is transforming into a community gathering space where residents live, work, play, shop, and dine. The proposed 12 acre site is well-positioned to support popular festivals and attractions, expand the successful farmers market, add a new playground and additional parking, and is within walking distance to neighborhoods, parks, and the Franklin Historic Trails system and serves as an extension to the downtown area. As the design team lead, Shrewsberry has managed the completion of a required IDNR Floodway Permit, detailed landscape architecture site plans, careful consideration of the engineering components, and characteristic architectural plans to reflect the unique identity of Franklin. The design team salvaged building remnants from previous site use during demolition to incorporate them into unique features. Seasoned and patinaed wood pieces will be incorporated into the site, plaza, and amphitheater. Community officials broke ground on the project in the Fall of 2020.

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