Project Details

The project is located within the Runway 8-26 Complex and includes the rehabilitation of pavements for Runway 8/26, Parallel Taxiway R, Connector Taxiways R1 – R9, Taxiways L and M south to Taxiway ED, Taxiway Z, Taxiway EE and Deice EE Pad.

  • Included with the pavement rehabilitation on the pavements listed above, the following improvements will also be performed:
  • Correction of a bump at the west end of the runway approximately 3,600 feet from the threshold of Runway 8
  • Widening the taxiway safety areas on Taxiways L, M, and EE to Airplane Design Group (ADG) V criteria
  • Correction of the runway safety area grading on the south side of Runway 8-26 between Taxiway R3 and Great Rock Street
  • Spall repair
  • Construction of DS Taxiway north of Taxiway ED, between Taxiway L and M and west of Taxiway L
  • Airfield Electrical improvements and modifications
  • Improvements to Great Rocks Street from Taxiway ED to Runway 8-26 to improve Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) alert times

Shrewsberry assisted in grading and drainage design, construction plan development, technical specifications, and quality control of all design and contract documents.