Project Details

The Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) sought to perform a joint rehabilitation and repair to help preserve a ten-year-old PCC terminal apron. The project consisted of approximately 500,000 linear feet of joints, as well as local panel replacement. The work also included a field investigation and analysis of the existing pavement condition. Phasing of the project was essential to the execution for both design and construction, given the location of the work being performed. Airline coordination led to a more in-depth design considering the phasing difficulties.

Shrewsberry delivered the rehabilitation plans, pavement repair details, erosion and sediment control plans, and the pavement marking details for this project. Shrewsberry also supplied estimates for the services mentioned, as well as quality control review for the 30%, 60% and 90% submittals. This work also included a 100% visual pavement inspection to analyze and record the existing conditions. Shrewsberry used this data to supply approximate locations and quantities.