Project Details

The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA) requested a full-depth, full-width reconstruction of Runway 2R/20L, Taxiway Hotel, and all the connector taxiways due to portions of the pavement experiencing severe settling. This runway was built upon fill section of up to 350 feet and has had various temporary repair projects completed but had begun deteriorating rapidly. This runway services commercial traffic and required taxiway hotel to be completely relocated to eliminate a current modification of standards with respect to taxiway and runway centerline separation.

Shrewsberry prepared the erosion control and stormwater pollution prevention plans, pavement marking plans and details, and demolition plans. This included breaking the erosion control out into initial, interim, and final phases in order to ensure no waterways outside of the project area were affected during any portion of construction. Shrewsberry also delivered specifications and estimates for the services mentioned. Along with these documents, Shrewsberry prepared the stormwater pollution prevention plan which was submitted to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC). This document encompasses all the erosion control details, hazards, and potential waterways that could be at risk. Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) guidelines and standard drawings were followed and supplied, as well as FAA regulations, in the delivery of these plans.