Project Details

The Gate Apron Rehabilitation and Drainage Improvements, Package 2B was identified to correct serviceability problems on the apron areas of Concourse C. Portions of these pavements exhibited moderate to severe differential settlement and heaving, creating a safety and operation hazard for the tenants and users. Package 2B included rehabilitation of 10 gates along the east side of Concourse C. This work included C40 through C50. The project was a complete pavement removal and reconstruction of the easterly half of Concourse C for about 52,516 square yards. The apron area extends from the face of Concourse C to the outer service vehicle road (SVR) located approximately 240 feet from the face of the building. The design solution was to focus on the need to provide positive drainage, improve sub-base stability, and improve pavement surface conditions.

The work included plans, details, technical specifications, and permitting documents required to construct Package 2B. Pavement sections incorporating drainage layers and an under-drain system into the pavement structure were constructed.

Shrewsberry provided grading and drainage design, utility design and conflict resolution, development of technical specifications, as well as quantity take offs and cost estimating.