Project Details

This project aimed to create and blend outdoor spaces that fit well with the new Douglass Park Family Center building, designed by Meticulous, ensuring users could safely and fully enjoy the entire site. This was done by creating a multi-use outdoor play area, which included new playground equipment and surfacing, a picnic shelter, an outdoor fitness area, and improved parking areas. The Shrewsberry Landscape Architecture team was responsible for designing surface grading and drainage of landscape and play areas, design and detailing of hardscape areas including decorative paving building entries and outdoor gathering areas, landscape plantings, ensuring accessible outdoor use areas, including the playground, creating rain gardens, tree preservation, and site furnishing selection. The playground’s unique features include permeable safety surfacing, enabling the conservation of many sizeable mature shade trees, and repurposing several trees that needed to be removed as unique sitting elements.

Shrewsberry Landscape Architects respected the existing site and neighborhood context. We were sensitive to how changes would affect area residents as well as park users. The Landscape Architects worked closely with the design team, client, and regulatory bodies to complete this project and ensure a significant milestone for Indy Parks and the Martindale-Brightwood community emblematic of the rich cultural history represented by the park.