Project Details

Shrewsberry provided IAA with Construction Inspection and Administration Services for a perimeter fence installation project at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport in Fishers, Indiana.

This project called to remove the existing six-foot chain-link fence and gates that surround the airfield at this reliever airport. The existing fence was replaced with a new permanent 10-foot tall chain link fence that also featured a P-610 concrete rat wall to prevent wildlife from burrowing beneath the fence and entering the airfield.

Another major improvement to the existing facilities was the replacement of all existing gates. New powered single-rolling cantilever gates, ranging from sixteen to twenty feet, were installed with at all vehicular entry points. The new sliding vehicle gates included all new keypads and operators. Additionally, new six-foot pedestrian swing gates featuring self-closing hinges and security keypads were placed at pedestrian paths.

Other enhancements included the installation of a new vehicle entrance to replace an existing drive and provide additional parking capacity, as well as drainage improvements such as a new storm structure and pipe to handle storm water runoff from the parking lot.

Our lead inspector helped facilitate quick solutions when unforeseen utility conflicts arose. An example of this was adjusting the location of the new storm drain due to a conflict with a communications line. They were able to relocate the structure out into the parking lot and poured new curb to perpetuate drainage.

Finally, knowing how crucial safety and security is to the IAA, diligent observation was required from our project team to ensure existing facilities were being protected and proper safety and safety protocols were being followed. Examples of this include replacement of just one gate at a time and restricting the amount of fencing the Contractor could remove to only as much as could be replaced in the same day.