Project Details

The project involved the relocation of the AOA fence, lowering the 24” water main, relocating the FAA fiber optic cable, electrical power cable telecommunications line, IAA cable and the protection of an oil pipeline so that the cargo apron could be expanded. The project consisted of the installation of a temporary fence so that the contractor could work freely to relocate the utility lines. Soil was removed to lower the site to surrounding grade and a new AOA fence was installed to secure the site.

Shrewsberry provided inspection services and owners technical representation, which included attending design and construction meetings, coordination with local utility companies, permitting, and construction oversite. Shrewsberry inspectors provided oversight for removal of the exisiting AOA fence, the installation and removal of a temporary AOA fence and the installation of the new AOA fence. Shrewsberry provided oversight and inspection of the removal of the existing utility lines and the installation of 30,000 linear feet of new FAA Fiber Optic cable, new IAA cable, electrical and communication lines, the installation of a new 24” water line, the removal of 25,600 cubic yards of soil, and the installation of 3,000 linear feet of new duct bank. The main role of the Shrewsberry team was to confirm that the construction activity was completed as designed.