Project Details

Shrewsberry’s work included the planning, environmental, and design work for enhanced stops for local service, known as “super-stops” for routes entering the Downtown-area from the north and east sides of the city and county. Additionally, this project included the planning, environmental, and design work for level-boarding platforms at the Downtown Transit Center, since it is also within the Northeast Corridor Downtown Study-area.

To speed up and enhance local service through the Downtown area, IndyGo is installing “super-stops,” which has many of the characteristics of bus rapid transit sans level-boarding. These super-stops serve the Downtown-area portion of the proposed Green Line along Alabama Street, Delaware Street, and Fort Wayne Avenue. The proposed super-stops serve more than one route entering and exiting the Downtown-area, giving passengers multiple options of travel.

The stop platforms are heightened (a 9-inch curb as opposed to a 6-inch curb) to reduce the step-up height into the local route vehicles, longer than traditional bus stops, have sheltered waiting areas, real-time information, and off-board fare collection. The routes utilizing the super-stops also include bus-only or BAT lanes.