Project Details

In 2020, the New Orleans Aviation Board (NOAB) secured funding to extend the existing Taxiway G to the end of Runway 11-29. As part of the extension, the project included the construction of three additional taxiway connectors; Taxiway G1 & G2 as well as Taxiway B. The addition of these taxiway connectors will assist the airport in increasing the operational capacity of Runway 11-29. To accommodate the taxiway extension, various FAA and public utilities were required to be rerouted, as well as relocate a portion of the existing Vehicle Service Road (VSR), including the enclosure of Canal 15.

Shrewsberry provided professional services for the design of the pavement geometric layout, pavement joint layout and design, creation of temporary lighting and marking plans, permanent pavement markings, and associated details for this project. To ensure a cohesive design, geometric layout and pavement jointing were coordinated with other project teaming members to avoid grading & lighting conflicts. In addition to design deliverables, Shrewsberry also assisted Garver in fleet mix determination for pavement thickness design, quality control for project plans and specifications, quality independent calculation of electrical quantities, and project cost estimating. Shrewsberry will also assist during the Construction Administration Phase by reviewing Submittals and RFI’s.