Project Details

In an effort to improve safety and ease traffic congestion, the City of Greenwood wished to convert the intersection of Smith Valley Road and Yorktown Road from a two-way stop-controlled intersection to a roundabout. Prior to the project, motorists found it extremely difficult to cross Smith Valley Road along Yorktown Road or complete a turning movement from Yorktown onto Smith Valley. There were several traffic accidents over the years that resulted from these traffic movements. With this being only the second of its kind, this roundabout project received a great deal of the public’s attention.

Shrewsberry was selected by the City to provide Construction Services for the roundabout project. One of those services was full time inspection. Our field staff closely monitored the Contractor’s work for conformance, often times overseeing multiple crews. In addition to ensuring the work complied with the Design plans and INDOT Specifications, inspectors kept thorough documentation using digital photography and field notes. These notes and quantities that were tracked were then entered into INDOT’s Site Manager program.

Due to the proximity of the project site to local Greenwood schools, the Contractor only had a 60-day closure to get the roundabout constructed and open to traffic. This accelerated schedule meant many long days. It was crucial for Shrewsberry’s field staff to keep up with paperwork even after those long days. Our Project Manager, Chad Mills, played a key role in the project’s success by working well with the Contractor to ensure the project continued to move forward despite unforeseen utility conflicts and changed site conditions, all while keeping multiple stakeholders informed. Thanks to hard work and a total team effort between the City, the Contractor and Shrewsberry, the intersection was open to traffic on its intended date.