Project Details

For nearly two and a half years, Shrewsberry provided Citizens Energy Group with construction inspection services for construction of the Southport Wastewater Treatment Plant. The plan was receiving a major upgrade, increasing peak flow from 150 million gallons per day (MGD) to 270 MGD.

Working as a Subcontractor to CH2M, Mark Montague was a key member of the team overseeing this work. Over the course of the project, he was tasked with inspection of the following elements:

  • Construction of new tunnel flow screening and grit building including all concrete, masonry, electrical, pipe, sluice gates, weirs, screens, pumps, hydro-cyclones, lighting and painting
  • ┬áDemolition of the bio-roughing towers
  • Upgrades of the existing screening building including electrical, pipe and bar screens
  • Dual 48-inch pipe installation from Deep Rock Tunnel to the new tunnel flow screening/grit building
  • 108-, 96-, 84-, 78-, 72-, and 66-inch pipe installation including junction structures
  • Underground pipe for potable and non-potable water including all valves
  • Underground utility conduit and duct bank
  • ANS tank extensions/upgrades

In addition to providing daily inspection services, he was tasked with producing daily work reports, creating an asset management list, overseeing pressure and mandrel testing for pipes, pressure testing for joints, and maintaining a de-watering log.