Project Details

Shrewsberry served as lead Landscape Architect, collaborating with a consulting engineer to provide landscape architecture and urban design for this important stream corridor in downtown Kokomo. This project encompassed both sides of Wildcat Creek between Washington Street and Apperson Way, providing direct connections to downtown destinations, including Kokomo Municipal Stadium, schools, parks, trails, and residential communities.

Shrewsberry’s tasks included establishing the design character as part of the waterfront concept, centered around an industrial/railroad theme, consistent with the historic character of the area. Important considerations include fitting the urban design and landscape improvements along the deeply cut stream and providing continuous pedestrian and multi-use trail improvements along both banks with periodic water access, and views to the city landmarks.

Shrewsberry’s responsibility for significant features included a continuous vegetated bank stabilization, lighting, shelter design, decorative paving and patterning, site furnishings, retaining walls and overlooks. Use of weathering steel, colored board finish concrete walls, gabions, painted steel and brick unit pavers were used extensively on the project to carry out a consistent retro industrial look throughout the Wildcat Creek Waterfront project area.