Project Details

The 16 Tech Master Plan was created from an extensive process involving input from the owners, stakeholders, and community leaders and emphasizes the desire to create the ideal environment to collaborate, share resources and knowledge, and spontaneously unleash creativity and innovation. Shrewsberry’s role with the 16 Tech Master Plan is to interpret and purposefully implement from concept to construction the essence of the Master Plan. As lead Landscape Architect our team works closely with the Owner and Development team to ensure a consistent design vocabulary within the public realm is integrated throughout the entire district as the plan is executed and develops in phases. Our engineering team is also providing infrastructure improvements for roadways and utilities.

Shrewsberry’s landscape architects are responsible to utilize the design guidelines to define the intention, materials, layout, and streetscape and open space network with a design vocabulary that will influence a distinct character within this innovation district. Optimizing the development’s potential as a dense mixed-use, live, work, play and learn community, the initial plans recognize the opportunity to connect via a new bridge over Fall Creek to the IUPUI campus to the south within a `complete street’ environment fostering safe interaction of multiple transportation modes in a dense bustling and vibrant neighborhood context. Concepts have been studied and connectivity considerations have initially led to the design of the Tech Trail throughout the district that will ultimately interact with the adjacent neighborhood and districts surrounding 16 Tech.

Shrewsberry’s water resources engineers designed approximately 5,000 feet of sanitary sewer ranging in size between 8-18 inches in diameter, a 2,700 gallons per minute lift station with 1,700 feet of 14- diameter, and 5,000 of 8-inch diameter water main. Challenges included coordinating alignments of proposed sanitary sewer infrastructure with other utilities and existing sanitary sewer infrastructure. This coordination was necessary to keep existing buildings in service so the development could be constructed in phases and limited options for the discharge of the proposed wastewater generated by the development.

Shrewsberry’s transportation engineers provided the design for Waterway Boulevard. The design included new pavement sections, plan and profile to meet new road grades, and storm sewers. A new roadway alignment was required for a major section to line up with Innovation Drive, a new street being built over an iconic bridge into the development.