Project Details

The 40th and Butler intersection and surrounding areas have been investigated by the Department of Public Works for drainage problems since the early 2000s. Phase I design project alleviated flooding problems to the east of this area. The Phase II project focused on the western areas bounded by 40th Street to the north, 38th Street to the south, Audubon Road to the east, and Layman Avenue to the west.

Shrewsberry overcame challenges during the solution development that included very flat topography with very few outlet options in the area. Past DPW flood data and field visits during rain events were used to identify flooding problem areas. Hybrid ditches were chosen as the most cost-effective way to eliminate standing water, provide stormwater storage, and increase water quality while overcoming the flat terrain in the area. The most cost-effective outfall location was determined to connect the project outfall to the upstream end of Phase I project. Shrewsberry coordinated the capacity and elevation needs for the discharge location of the Phase I design project.

The project includes over 70 structures, approximately 6000 feet of hybrid ditch, and 2000 feet of HDPE storm sewer over Audubon Road, Layman Avenue, and Lesley Avenue from 40th Street to 38th Street. Shrewsberry used the newest DPW processes for utility coordination and the Standard Pay Item Catalogue for the project. This project is currently in construction and planned to be substantially completed by December 2019.