Project Details

The City of Indianapolis identified several intersections along Binford Boulevard and Fall Creek Parkway as high-crash locations. A study was initiated to examine the crash patterns for the entire corridor from 38th Street and Fall Creek Parkway to north of 75th Street and Binford Boulevard, where I-69 begins, for a total of sixteen signalized intersections plus one unsignalized intersection. The provided study included preliminary safety recommendations.

Shrewsberry refined the safety project and submitted a successful funding application for Highway Safety Improvement Plan (HSIP) funds.

As part of preliminary engineering, Shrewsberry conducted a traffic operations analysis of existing conditions using provided traffic counts, existing signal timings, and Synchro software for analysis. Those proposed safety improvements that also affect operations were applied to the network and evaluated for effectiveness. The unsignalized intersection was examined for signal warrants. Results were summarized and provided to the city for consideration.

Additionally, as part of the design team, Shrewsberry was responsible for design elements at five intersections. The design included updated signage, replacement signal heads with reflective backplates, flashing yellow arrow implementation, updated pavement markings, resurfacing, replacement of diagonal signal spans with box span supports, and added turn lanes.