Project Details

Shrewsberry provided inspection services as a subconsultant for the CDOT NPS Retaining and Noise Walls Statewide Inspection project. Shrewsberry performed inspections on retaining walls and noise walls throughout the state of Colorado. The project was part of CDOT’s ongoing development of the overall risk based retaining walls and noise walls program. The retaining walls and noise walls were located on the state highway located in CDOT’s right of way.

Field inspections were performed on approximately 1,000 retaining walls and noise walls based on information produced from the initial wall inventory and utilizing the Colorado Department of Transportation recording and coding guide for retaining and noise walls. CDOT was notified of any walls requiring essential repair findings (ERF). An ERF was classified as walls were found to have a potential for failure, injuring a person, causing damage to property, issues such as scour, drainage, corrosion that threatens the structural integrity, and stability of the wall.