Project Details

Shrewsberry provided the Indianapolis Department of Public Works with Construction Inspection Services for the resurfacing of College Avenue from Fall Creek Parkway to East 38th Street. The need for this project, funded by a Community Crossings Grant received by the City of Indianapolis, was to improve the deteriorating condition of the existing pavement on College Avenue and nine intersecting roads from 29th Street to 37th Street.

Our inspector served as Resident Project Representative for this project, managing everything from the field operations to documenting the life of the project in the City’s new CIP software. The inspector received high praise from the City’s Project Manager for consistently keeping the CIP reporting up to date.

The inspector was also quick to react to unforeseen field conditions involving the uncovering of old trolley tracks during full depth base repair operations; and helped facilitate deployment of a third-party Contractor to perform a GPR scan of the road. Upon receiving the results, the inspector aided the Contractor in working around these impediments to achieve the best possible product while keeping the project moving. This was a top priority with an end-of-year Intermediate Completion date put in place by the Mayor.

In addition to the pavement partial / full depth pavement patching and resurfacing, there was a significant amount of curb, sidewalk and curb ramp work through the project corridor. The section of road also received new pavement markings and signal detector loops.