Project Details

A comprehensive transportation study was performed for the County Road 311 (Old State Road 311) and US 31 corridor from the Floyd/Clark County Line to Old SR 403 in Sellersburg. The Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency (KIPDA) organized the study which passes through multiple jurisdictions. The corridor includes an interchange with I-65 and other state-owned intersections. The steering committee included representatives from each of these agencies.

Local concerns that lead to the need for study include congestion along the corridor, safety hazards, and looming development that would increase traffic along the corridor. The study included an evaluation and analysis of existing and projected traffic conditions; a safety analysis at intersections along the corridor; an analysis of future land use along the corridor, analysis of demographic and transportation conditions; making recommendations for future needs; providing planning-level cost estimates; and public involvement.

Shrewsberry’s role included steering committee participation, traffic data collection, operations analysis, safety analysis, and development of recommendations. A Synchro analysis was conducted for eleven intersections, of which nine are currently signalized and two are possible candidates for future signals. The operations analysis compared 2017 traffic conditions with projected future conditions. The safety analysis included evaluation of crashes from 2012-2016 for the subject corridor and preparation of exhibits displaying crash rates.