Project Details

The Northeast Boundary Tunnel (NEBT) is a sewer tunnel that will increase the capacity of the existing sewer system in Washington DC, significantly reducing sewer flooding and improving water quality in the Anacostia River. It is the largest component of the Clean Rivers Project, starting south of the RFK Stadium, extending north to Rhode Island Avenue, and west to R Street NW. DC Water will also build facilities along the tunnel to capture flows from the existing sewer system, diverting them to the tunnel.

The NEBT will connect with the First Street Tunnel and Anacostia River Tunnel to provide a complete system from Northwest DC to the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant, where water captured by the tunnel system will be treated and released to the Potomac River.

Once the NEBT is completed and connected to the other Clean Rivers tunnels in 2023, sewer overflows to the Anacostia River will be reduced by 98%. The NEBT will also reduce the chance of flooding from 50% to 7%.

Shrewsberry is assisting with construction management services for the CSO tunnel. Additionally, Shrewsberry is providing near surfaces structure inspection and document control.