Project Details

Shrewsberry served as Deputy Project Manager for the Indianapolis International Airport Master Plan. Services included community and stakeholder outreach, inventory of existing facilities, meeting attendance and coordination. As part of the community and stakeholder outreach program, Shrewsberry assisted in the interview of stakeholders to obtain existing data and future needs. These interviews included owner interviews with IAA staff and tenant interviews with service providers located on airport property. Subsequent to the interviews, a one-day visioning session was held to identify the vision, goals and objectives for the plan. A working paper was prepared to document the results of efforts during this phase.

Phase II of the master plan was an Airport Layout Plan (ALP) Update which involved evaluation of projects to be included in the Airport’s five to seven year capital program. On the airfield, the ALP Update evaluated requirements to accommodate the A-380, new high-speed exit taxiways, an extension to Runway 14-32, and a relocation of Taxiway D. The ALP update also included a site selection study for a new airport maintenance building to store snow removal equipment. The ALP Update included extensive photogrammetry which will be uploaded to the FAA AGIS system, and ultimately be used to develop an eALP. Shrewsberry was responsible for development of the ALP drawings and the update of the Exhibit ‘A’ property map.