Project Details

This project involved the upgrade of the existing stormwater and deicing management system for the Indianapolis International Airport. In order to upgrade the stormwater and deicing capacity, the IAA removed the existing deicing storage system and constructed three larger storage units. The project included the construction of two pump stations, a pump and aeration facility, three large holding basins and the installation of stormwater force mains.

Shrewsberry provided inspection services as the Engineer’s Representative to oversee the construction of the stormwater and deicing improvements. Shrewsberry inspectors provided daily oversight of the construction activities relating to the expansion of the existing stormwater and deicing storage system. Oversight included the demolition of the existing storage basin, installation of the new storage basins, pump stations, construction of the new pump/aeration facility, piping infrastructure, tunneling operations, fence relocation, concrete pours, installation of drainage swells and BMP installation. The main role of the Shrewsberry team was to observe and record the construction activities and report back to the design engineer.