Project Details

Shrewsberry served as Resident Project Representative (RPR) for the Resurfacing of East 38th Street from Emerson Avenue to Arlington Avenue. This project, funded through a Community Crossings Grant, was developed to repair a stretch of roadway with severely deteriorated pavement and poor drainage. The original design only called for specific, intermittent patches of full depth pavement repair. However, based on a combination of field conditions encountered and knowledge of a future bus route through this corridor, the City opted to add a substantial amount of pavement reconstruction. Given a specific budget, Shrewsberry’s field staff identified the worst sections of the pavement throughout the project which should be given priority on these repairs.

This project also included improvements to the storm sewer system. When Shrewsberry’s RPR began to discover that the field conditions of existing storm drain infrastructure were not as shown on the plans, the Project Manager was notified and given recommendations for some investigative camera work and additional pipe and structure cleaning. The RPR also recommended potential solutions to ensure the new storm pipes would drain properly. Much of this storm water work was made more difficult by a large number of unforeseen utility conflicts. The RPR worked in conjunction with the Contractor, the Design Engineer, the City’s Project Manager and various utility companies and their contractors to work through these conflicts and kept the project moving forward.

Due to this stretch of 38th Street was home to some of the IndyGo’s bus routes, there was a good amount of coordination required between the RPR with IndyGo representatives. The RPR worked with Contractor and IndyGo to come up with temporary bus stop solutions for areas which were undergoing construction. In addition to the pavement and drainage improvements, the project also included some signal infrastructure improvements as well as new curb, sidewalk and ADA-compliant curb ramps.