Project Details

Shrewsberry was engaged to serve a lead role on the comprehensive design team that includes a nationally renowned golf course architect tasked with restoration and renovation of the Indiana University Golf Course into a updated world-class course in Bloomington, Indiana. Shrewsberry’s contribution to the team is providing civil engineering and coordination of environmental aspects of the project including erosion control design, permitting and environmental due diligence. Shrewsberry is managing the all site due diligence, delineation and coordination of environmental attributes including wetlands, jurisdictional waters, karst features (sinkholes) and potential bat roost trees. Erosion control and drainage design focuses on maintaining current waterways and channels in their current configuration for minimal disruption, and consideration of a full range of erosion control best management practices.

The primary objective of the golf course architect’s design is to ‘heal the land’, not dominate the site. This quickly became Shrewsberry’s mantra, as well, to provide comprehensive environmental design analysis and recommendations to the team. Application of this objective in the erosion control design resulted in a change from more than 800 lineal feet of jurisdictional water channel modification, to the need for ‘no modification’ of existing jurisdictional waters. This was achieved through close coordination with the golf course architect and other design team members during design leading to environmental success and a significant cost and time saving advantage to the project.

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