Project Details

Shrewsberry is part of the design team responsible for completing the expansion. Purdue University is adding an innovation wing to Jischke Hall, the Biomedical Engineering Building. The goal is to add on to the existing building with a three-story expansion that would house classrooms, research labs, study facilities and administrative offices. The main areas of focus for site layout are the new entrance off the Health and Life Sciences mall to the south and create a plaza/seating area to the north.

Shrewsberry is working with Purdue’s planners and landscape architects to create a plan that meets their expectations. The site is rather small, and in addition, the location of existing utilities makes it a challenging site. There is an existing tunnel to the south, geothermal wells to the north, and a duct bank to the east. Shrewsberry’s challenge is to provide the hall expansion with the required service connections, with minimal disruption to these existing facilities.