Project Details

Shrewsberry assisted the City of Franklin in obtaining OCRA grant funding for the Roaring Run Storm Sewer Rehabilitation. In addition, Shrewsberry staff prepared the design and construction documents, including plans and specifications for the project.

The project included cleaning, televising, and assessment of a nearly one-mile section of existing storm sewer pipe in poor condition and ranging in size from 48-inch to 72-inch. The existing storm sewer was comprised of various pipe types including corrugated metal, brick, limestone block, and reinforced concrete pipe as well as enclosed chambers that were under road crossings. Multiple rehabilitation techniques were evaluated for this project including slip lining, spiral wound pipe, centrifugally cast concrete pipe (CCCP), and Cast in Place Pipe (CIPP) each with estimated lifespans between 25 and 50 years. Each rehabilitation technology was evaluated on cost, installation flexibility, success of previous installations, impacts to hydraulic capacity, and structural integrity.

The project’s design phase included the use of multiple rehabilitation techniques including approximately 2000 feet of geopolymer centrifugally cast concrete pipe (CCCP) liner, open-cut replacement of approximately 200 feet of pipe, and 6 new manhole installations. The use of geopolymer CCCP allowed for trenchless rehabilitation of a large portion of the storm sewer and reduced the disturbance and costs typically associated with surface restoration. After completion of the construction documents, Shrewsberry assisted the City with bidding and construction administration.