Project Details

This project was needed to improve safety at the intersection of US 231 and County Road 700 South in Rensselaer, Indiana where there was inadequate sight distance for vehicles stopped along eastbound CR 700 S. A cemetery lies on the NW corner of the intersection and the proximity of the intersection to the cemetery, combined with the raised elevation of the cemetery did not allow stopped vehicles on CR 700 S to see cars coming south along US 231. Vehicles were forced to encroach upon the southbound US 231 travel lane to see cars coming from the north.

The original engineers report proposed adding left turn lanes on US 231 to improve safety of the intersection. After receiving stakeholder input, Shrewsberry determined that left turn lanes would not adequately increase the safety of the intersection since the cause of the accidents were not related to this movement. Shrewsberry determined that a horizontal alignment shift and improvement to the substandard right turn lane would minimize impact to Mt. Calvary Cemetery and allow for adequate sight distance for those vehicles on CR 700 S.

Shrewsberry’s design recommendations provided not only increased safety, but also substantial cost savings over the left turn lane addition proposed by the engineer’s report. Along with the other benefits, this option decreased the quantity of new pavement needed, along with decreasing the amount of new right-of-way acquisition and utility impacts..